Feok Festival & Cultural Healing Tour

12 Days





18 years

$ 4,195

Take Part in a Centuries-Old Celebration

Dates: Dec. 19, 2020 - Jan. 2, 2021


The Feok Festival is an important festival celebrated annually by the people of Sandema in northern Ghana for two reasons: to commemorate their victory over slave raiders led by ‘Babatu’ in the 18th century; and to celebrate good harvest for the season. Travelers will be immersed in all aspects of Ghanaian culture. Upon your arrival in Accra you will be greeted and welcomed by drummers and dancers. Our welcome dinner is a traditional meal where you will have an opportunity to savor authentic Ghanaian dishes. We will pay visits to the local attractions of historical significance. Our short flight to Tamale marks the start of your cultural odyssey. We begin with an optional two-night village stay where you will be the guest of a large family in a village in Sandema. We will visit Paga, Yendi, the Bolgatanga Cultural Market and many other sites. This tour will inform, inspire and create stories for you to tell for years to come.


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